_CLIPRGN Struct Reference
[Region operations]

#include <gdi.h>

Data Fields

Detailed Description

Clipping region structure, alos used for general regions.

Definition at line 570 of file gdi.h.

Field Documentation

Head of the clipping rectangle list.

Definition at line 593 of file gdi.h.

The private block data heap used to allocate clipping rectangles.

See also:

Definition at line 602 of file gdi.h.

The bounding rect of the region.

Definition at line 589 of file gdi.h.

Reserved for alignment.

Definition at line 585 of file gdi.h.

Tail of the clipping rectangle list.

Definition at line 597 of file gdi.h.

Type of the region, can be one of the following:

    A null region.
    A simple region.
    A complex region.

Definition at line 581 of file gdi.h.

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