mgncs.h File Reference

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Detailed Description


This file includes the common structure and API of ncs.

    Copyright (C) 2009 Feynman Software.

    All rights reserved by Feynman Software.

    This file is part of mgncs, which is new control
    set of MiniGUI.


Definition in file mgncs.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef mMainWnd*(* PNCS_CREATE_MAIN)(HPACKAGE, HWND hParent, HICON h_icon, HMENU h_menu, DWORD)


Copyright (C) 2009 Feynman Software.

Definition at line 222 of file mgncs.h.

Function Documentation

BOOL ncsInitialize ( void   ) 

Register all controls and other classes in the MGNCS.

Unregister all controls and other classes in the MGNCS.

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