MiniGUI API Reference (MiniGUI-Standalone)  v3.2.0
A mature and proven cross-platform GUI system for embedded and smart IoT devices


MG_EXPORT HWND GUIAPI OpenAboutDialog (HWND hHosting)
 Opens or actives the 'About MiniGUI' dialog. More...

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

HWND GUIAPI OpenAboutDialog ( HWND  hHosting)

Opens or actives the 'About MiniGUI' dialog.

Calling this function will create a main window displaying copyright and license information of MiniGUI. When the about dialog is displaying, calling this function again will bring the dialog to be the topmost main window, not create a new one.

hHostingThe hosting main window of the about dialog.
The handle to the about dialog box.
This function is available for MiniGUI-Processes and when _MGMISC_ABOUTDLG defined. For MiniGUI-Threads, you should call 'void GUIAPI OpenAboutDialog (void)' function instead.