MiniGUI API Reference (MiniGUI-Standalone)  v3.2.0
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propsheet.h File Reference

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#define CTRL_PROPSHEET   ("propsheet")
 The class name of propsheet control. More...
#define PSS_SIMPLE   0x0000L
 A simple property sheet control. All tabs of the control will have the same width. More...
#define PSS_COMPACTTAB   0x0001L
 Compact tab style. The width of a tab is adaptive to the tab title. More...
#define PSS_SCROLLABLE   0x0002L
 Tabs can be scrolled by scroll button. More...
#define PSS_BOTTOM   0x0010L
 Bottom tab style. Tabs will be located at the bottom of the property sheet. More...
#define PS_OKAY   0
#define PS_ERR   (-1)
 Gets the handle of current active page. More...
 Changes the active page by index. More...
#define PSM_GETPAGE   0xF1C3L
 Gets the handle of a page by index. More...
 Gets the index of the current active page. More...
 Gets the index of a page by handle. More...
 Gets the number of pages of the propsheet. More...
 Gets the length of a page title. More...
#define PSM_GETTITLE   0xF1C8L
 Gets a page title. More...
#define PSM_SETTITLE   0xF1C9L
 Sets a page title. More...
#define PSM_ADDPAGE   0xF1D0L
 Adds a page to the propsheet. More...
#define PSM_REMOVEPAGE   0xF1D1L
 Removes a page from the propsheet. More...
#define PSM_SHEETCMD   0xF1D2L
 Sends a MSG_SHEETCMD message to all pages in the propsheet. More...
#define PSN_ACTIVE_CHANGED   0x01
 Notifies the parent window that the active page of the propsheet has been changed. More...

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Definition in file propsheet.h.