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Data Fields
_BITMAP Struct Reference

#include <gdi.h>

Data Fields

Uint8 bmType
Uint8 bmBitsPerPixel
Uint8 bmBytesPerPixel
Uint8 bmAlpha
Uint32 bmColorKey
Uint32 bmWidth
Uint32 bmHeight
Uint32 bmPitch
Uint32 bmAlphaPitch

Detailed Description

Expanded device-dependent bitmap structure.

Definition at line 7382 of file gdi.h.

Field Documentation

Uint8 bmAlpha

The alpha channel value.

Definition at line 7419 of file gdi.h.

Uint8* bmAlphaMask

The private pixel format The Alpha Mask array of the bitmap

Definition at line 7438 of file gdi.h.

Uint32 bmAlphaPitch

The Alpha Pitch of the bitmap

Definition at line 7441 of file gdi.h.

Uint8* bmBits

The bits of the bitmap

Definition at line 7433 of file gdi.h.

Uint8 bmBitsPerPixel

The bits per piexel.

Definition at line 7415 of file gdi.h.

Uint8 bmBytesPerPixel

The bytes per piexel.

Definition at line 7417 of file gdi.h.

Uint32 bmColorKey

The color key value.

Definition at line 7421 of file gdi.h.

Uint32 bmHeight

The height of the bitmap

Definition at line 7429 of file gdi.h.

Uint32 bmPitch

The pitch of the bitmap

Definition at line 7431 of file gdi.h.

Uint8 bmType

Bitmap types, can be OR'ed by the following values:

    A nomal bitmap, without alpha and color key.
    A RLE (run-length-encode) encoded bitmap. The encoding translates the pixel data to a stream of segments of the form

    <skip> <run> <data>

    where <skip> is the number of transparent pixels to skip, <run> is the number of opaque pixels to blit, and <data> are the pixels themselves.

    Encoded pixels always have the same format as the BITMAP. <skip> and <run> are unsigned 8 bit integers, except for 32 bit depth where they are 16 bit. This makes the pixel data aligned at all times. Segments never wrap around from one scan line to the next. The end of one segment is marked by a zero <skip>,<run> pair.

    Per-pixel alpha in the bitmap.
    The bmAlpha is a valid alpha channel value.
    The bmColorKey is a valid color key value.
    The bitmap have a private Alpha Mask array.

Definition at line 7413 of file gdi.h.

Uint32 bmWidth

The width of the bitmap

Definition at line 7427 of file gdi.h.

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