MiniGUI API Reference (MiniGUI-Standalone)  v3.2.0
A mature and proven cross-platform GUI system for embedded and smart IoT devices
Data Fields
_CTRLDATA Struct Reference

#include <window.h>

Data Fields

const char * class_name
DWORD dwStyle
int x
const char * caption
DWORD dwAddData
DWORD dwExStyle
const char * werdr_name

Detailed Description

Structure which defines a control.

Definition at line 9175 of file window.h.

Field Documentation

const char* caption

Control caption

Definition at line 9188 of file window.h.

const char* class_name

Class name of the control

Definition at line 9178 of file window.h.

DWORD dwAddData

Additional data

Definition at line 9190 of file window.h.

DWORD dwExStyle

Control extended style

Definition at line 9192 of file window.h.

DWORD dwStyle

Control style

Definition at line 9180 of file window.h.


Control identifier

The type changed from int to LINT since v3.2.

Definition at line 9186 of file window.h.

const WINDOW_ELEMENT_ATTR* we_attrs

table of we_attrs

Definition at line 9198 of file window.h.

const char* werdr_name

window element renderer name

Definition at line 9195 of file window.h.

int x

Control position in dialog

Definition at line 9182 of file window.h.

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