MiniGUI API Reference (MiniGUI-Standalone)  v3.2.0
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Data Fields
_DEVFONT Struct Reference

#include <gdi.h>

Data Fields

DWORD style
FONTOPS * font_ops
CHARSETOPS * charset_ops
struct _DEVFONTnext
void * data
void * relationship
BOOL need_unload

Detailed Description

The device font structure.

Definition at line 5804 of file gdi.h.

Field Documentation

CHARSETOPS* charset_ops

The pointer to character set operation structure.

Definition at line 5816 of file gdi.h.

void* data

The device font used data.

Definition at line 5822 of file gdi.h.

FONTOPS* font_ops

The pointer to font operation structure.

Definition at line 5813 of file gdi.h.


The device font name.

Definition at line 5807 of file gdi.h.

BOOL need_unload

indicating if the data need to be unloaded before delete a devfont

Definition at line 5828 of file gdi.h.

struct _DEVFONT* next

The pointer to next device font.

Definition at line 5819 of file gdi.h.

void* relationship

The device font used relationship.

Definition at line 5825 of file gdi.h.

DWORD style

The styles of the device font.

Definition at line 5810 of file gdi.h.

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