MiniGUI API Reference (MiniGUI-Standalone)  v3.2.0
A mature and proven cross-platform GUI system for embedded and smart IoT devices
Data Fields

#include <window.h>

Data Fields

int minPos
int maxPos
int curPos
int pageStep
int arrowLen
int barStart
int barLen
int status

Detailed Description

The scrollbar information structure in look and feel.

Definition at line 3561 of file window.h.

Field Documentation

int arrowLen

The length of arrow.

Definition at line 3571 of file window.h.

int barLen

The length of thumb.

Definition at line 3575 of file window.h.

int barStart

The start pixel of thumb.

Definition at line 3573 of file window.h.

int curPos

The current scrollbar pos.

Definition at line 3567 of file window.h.

int maxPos

The max value of scrollbar range.

Definition at line 3565 of file window.h.

int minPos

The minimum value of scrollbar range.

Definition at line 3563 of file window.h.

int pageStep

The step per page.

Definition at line 3569 of file window.h.

int status

The status of scrollbar.

Definition at line 3577 of file window.h.

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