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Data Fields

#include <listbox.h>

Data Fields

char * string
DWORD cmFlag

Detailed Description

Structrue of the listbox item info

Definition at line 106 of file listbox.h.

Field Documentation

DWORD cmFlag

Check mark and image flag. It can be one of the following values:

  • CMFLAG_BLANK The item is blank.
  • CMFLAG_CHECKED The item is checked.
  • CMFLAG_PARTCHECKED The item is partly checked.

If you want to significant the item which to be render, you can OR'd cmFlag with LBIS_SIGNIFICANT.

For LBS_ICON list box, if you want to display bitmap other than icon, you can OR'd cmFlag with IMGFLAG_BITMAP.

Definition at line 127 of file listbox.h.


Handle to the icon (or pointer to bitmap object) of the item

Definition at line 130 of file listbox.h.

char* string

Item string

Definition at line 109 of file listbox.h.

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