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Data Fields
_LVCOLUMN Struct Reference

#include <listview.h>

Data Fields

int nCols
int width
char * pszHeadText
int nTextMax
DWORD image
DWORD colFlags

Detailed Description

Struct of the listview column info, contains information about a column. This structure is used for creating or retrieving a column.

Definition at line 217 of file listview.h.

Field Documentation

DWORD colFlags

Column and header flags

Definition at line 232 of file listview.h.

DWORD image

Image of the column header, can be bitmap or icon

Definition at line 228 of file listview.h.

int nCols

The horizontal position

Definition at line 220 of file listview.h.

int nTextMax

Max text len

Definition at line 226 of file listview.h.


Comparision function associated with the column

Definition at line 230 of file listview.h.

char* pszHeadText

The title of this column

Definition at line 224 of file listview.h.

int width

Column's width

Definition at line 222 of file listview.h.

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