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Data Fields
_LVFINDINFO Struct Reference

#include <listview.h>

Data Fields

DWORD flags
int iStart
int nCols
char ** pszInfo
DWORD addData
int nItem
int nSubitem

Detailed Description

Contains information for finding a certain item info

Definition at line 244 of file listview.h.

Field Documentation

DWORD addData

The additional item data

Definition at line 262 of file listview.h.

DWORD flags

Type of search to perform. This member can be set to one or more of the following values:

  • LVFF_TEXT Searches based on the item(subitems) text.
  • LVFF_ADDDATA Searches based on the attached additional item data.

Definition at line 254 of file listview.h.

int iStart

Search index to begin with, 0 from the beginning

Definition at line 256 of file listview.h.

int nCols

PszInfo containing nCols columns' text

Definition at line 258 of file listview.h.

int nItem

The found item's row, reserved

Definition at line 265 of file listview.h.

int nSubitem

The found subitem's column, reserved

Definition at line 267 of file listview.h.

char** pszInfo

All the subitem's content of this item

Definition at line 260 of file listview.h.

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