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Data Fields
_MYBITMAP Struct Reference

#include <gdi.h>

Data Fields

DWORD flags
int frames
Uint8 depth
Uint8 alpha
Uint32 transparent
Uint32 w
Uint32 h
Uint32 pitch
Uint32 size

Detailed Description

Device-independent bitmap structure.

Definition at line 7313 of file gdi.h.

Field Documentation

Uint8 alpha

The alpha channel value.

Definition at line 7350 of file gdi.h.

BYTE* bits

The pointer to the bits of the bitmap.

Definition at line 7365 of file gdi.h.

Uint8 depth

The pixel depth.

Definition at line 7348 of file gdi.h.

DWORD flags

Flags of the bitmap, can be OR'ed by the following values:

    A normal palette bitmap.
    A RGB bitmap.
    A BGR bitmap.
    A RGBA bitmap.
    The scanline flows from top to bottom.
    The scanline flows from bottom to top.
    Have a trasparent value.
    Have a alpha channel.
    Have a per-pixel alpha value.
    Size of each RGB triple is 3 bytes.
    Size of each RGB triple is 4 bytes.
    Tell bitmap loader to load a grayscale bitmap.
    Tell bitmap loader to allocate space for only one scanline.

Definition at line 7344 of file gdi.h.

int frames

The number of the frames.

Definition at line 7346 of file gdi.h.

Uint32 h

The height of the bitmap.

Definition at line 7358 of file gdi.h.

Uint32 pitch

The pitch of the bitmap.

Definition at line 7360 of file gdi.h.

Uint32 size

The size of the bits of the bitmap.

Definition at line 7362 of file gdi.h.

Uint32 transparent

The transparent pixel.

Definition at line 7353 of file gdi.h.

Uint32 w

The width of the bitmap.

Definition at line 7356 of file gdi.h.

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