Industrial Control System

Client: Nanrui, Mettler-Toledo, ELBO, Bosh
Hardware: 32-bit MCU or SoC
Operating System: Linux


The industrial controlling system is under development from the early 8-bit MCU to the more complicated controlling system developed based on 32-bit MCU or SoC. FMSoft’s key product MiniGUI is firstly used at numerical control machine.

Industrial Control System Based on MiniGUI

By using FMSoft’s MiniGUI, the industrial control system can easily be built on OS as uClinux, Linux, eCos, VxWorks, and uC/OS-II. The solution is as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Industrial Control System Based-on MiniGUI

This solution has the following advantages

  • MiniGUI provides the users with C language programming interface. The application developed based on MiniGUI occupies only a little resource and has a good running speed thus to improve real-time functions of the system.
  • MiniGUI 3.0 and its components (mGEff, mGNCS, and mGNCS4Pad) can help to realize excellent UI effects almost as iPhone does. For interface special effects developed based on MiniGUI3.0, please click here to download the demonstration program which runs on Windows platform.
  • The visual IDE (integrated development environment), miniStudio, can help to improve the development efficiency of application software.

Hardware Platform Recommendation

  • SAMSUNG SoC, e.g., S3C2440, S3C2416, S3C6410, etc.
  • Freescale Semiconductor’s MCUs based on architectures as Power, ColdFire, and ARM.

Typical Cases

Feeler instrument


Cooperated with FMSoft, Italian ELBO CONTROLLI s.r.l researched and developed a new generation of feeler instrument based on MiniGUI as the system and uClinux OS. This product has been put into market already.

Power monitoring device


Nanjing Nanrui Automatic Control Co., Ltd is a company engages in hydraulic power automation technology researching, results transforming, and industrial operation. It has almost 30 years history and has always ranks the leading position in domestic hydraulic power automation industry. It is also the main part of the two national engineering (technology) research centers set by State Ministry of Science and Technology and State Development and Planning Committee.

In 2007, Nanrui Automatic Control adopts MiniGUI to develop the visual human-machine interface for SJ-90 hydraulic unit vibration and throw on-line monitoring device. Currently, this product has been put into operation in hydraulic power industry.

Weighing instrument

applies_industrial_5.gifMettler-Toledo Group has invested and built up two affiliated companies in China which are also the leading weighing and analysis instruments companies in China. Mettler-Toledo (Changzhou) Weighing Equipment Co., Ltd is the first affiliate company jointly build by Mettler-Toledo Group in China. T800 truck-scale terminal is Changzhou affiliate company’s top grade truck-scale instrument. It adopts big LCD lattice display with high brightness to display and input Chinese characters, letters, and figures; it can connect with simulating sensor weighbridge and digital sensor weighbridge at the same time; besides, it can collect data according the different items as truck number, cargo name or other user needed items; it is equipped with embedded Ethernet and USB interface, and is an intelligent weighing display control instrument for the 21st century. This instrument has be sold in domestic market and exported to four European countries and Thailand. The localization for instruments exported to European countries and Thailand is completed by FMSoft.

Computer Numerical Control System

applies_industrial_6.gifThis is the computer numerical control system designed for high-performance numerical control machine of Tsinghua University Manufacturing Engineering Institute. It adopts RT-Linux as the real-time OS and human-machine interface designed based on MiniGUI.