MiniGUI 4.0.4 Released!

The MiniGUI development team announces the availability of MiniGUI 4.0.4.

What's new in MiniGUI Core

In this version, we mainly enhanced the DRM engine of MiniGUI in order to integrate MiniGUI with Mesa and Cairo, for example, to implement EGL for MiniGUI platform.

    • Change the name of old dri NEWGAL engine to drm.
    • Change the configuration option of DRM engine to --enable-videodrm.
    • Change the macro for DRM engine to _MGGAL_DRM.
    • Change the runtime configuration section for DRM engine to drm.
    • New APIs for GPU integration, such as IsMemDCIsScreenDCIsWindowDCGetVideoHandle, and drmGetDeviceFD.
    • Add new operation for DRM engine: create_buffer_from_prime_fd.
    • Use dlopen to load the external DRM driver.
    • Add a new runtime configuration key for DRM engine drm.exdriver to define the external DRM driver.

Documents Update

The following documents updated for this release:

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