MINIGUI 5.0.10 Released!

On Sep. 30, 2022, FMSoft announces the availability of MiniGUI 5.0.10, which is a bug fixing release with some bug fixes and some minor enhancements of MiniGUI 5.0.x.

What's new in version 5.0.10

In this version, we made some enhancements

    • Enhance fbcon engine to support double buffering for Threads and Standalone mode. (Runtime option: fbcon.double_buffering).
    • Cleanup and enhance shadow engine to use SyncUpdate method.
    • Fix a bug reported in
    • Fix a bug reported in
    • Fix bugs reported in
    • Fix some bugs when virtual window enabled in Standalone and Processes runtime modes.
    • Fix some warnings reported by GCC 12.
    • Use inline functions for SetCursor and SetDefaultCursor instead of macros.

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