MiniGUI 5.0.8 Released!

The MiniGUI development team announces the availability of MiniGUI 5.0.8, which is a bug fixing release with minor enhancements of MiniGUI 5.0.7.

What's New?

In this version, we fixed some bugs and made some optimizations and enhancements:

    • Support for WebP image format based on libwebp.
    • Support for two ARM64-based hardware platforms: PX30 and R818.
    • New surface pixel format for main window: ST_PIXEL_XRGB565 under compositing schema.
    • Shrink heap size for fixed string.
    • Optimize the memory use of blitting context.
    • Tune code of fbcon video engine for compositing schema.
    • Fix warnings and errors for conditional compilation.

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