Styles of ANIMATION control
[ANIMATION control and animation GIF (GIF87a/GIF89a) support]


Detailed Description

This control can be used to play the animation object, and you should specify the animation object when you create the control by using the dwAddData:

  HWND hwnd;
  ANIMATION* anim = CreateAnimationFromGIF89aFile (HDC_SCREEN, "banner.gif");

  if (anim == NULL)
      goto error;

  hwnd = CreateWindow (CTRL_ANIMATION,
                    WS_VISIBLE | ANS_AUTOLOOP,
                    10, 10, 300, 200, hWnd, (DWORD)anim);
  SendMessage (hwnd, ANM_STARTPLAY, 0, 0);

Define Documentation

#define ANS_AUTOLOOP   0x0001L

Loop playing the animation automatically.

Definition at line 206 of file animation.h.

#define ANS_FITTOANI   0x0004L

Resize the control to fit the animation.

Definition at line 218 of file animation.h.

#define ANS_SCALED   0x0002L

Scale the animation to the control size.

Definition at line 212 of file animation.h.

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