MiniGUI 5.0.6 Released!

The MiniGUI development team announces the availability of MiniGUI 5.0.6.

What's New?

In this version, we fixed some bugs and made some optimizations and enhancements:

    • Fix bugs of switching layers under MiniGUI-Processes.
    • Fix bugs of FBCon and PC_XVFB engines: the dirty rectangles are not set empty after calling SyncUpdate.
    • Fix memory leaks when using block heap.
    • Fix a bug in ServerGetWinZNodeRegion.
    • Enhance GetGlyphInfo to return the FreeType face, font file path, and glyph index.
    • NEW API StretchBltEx to support different scaling filters and rotation.
    • Use Pixman to support color blending methods for BitBlt and StretchBlt.
    • Enhance fallback compositor to support animation when switching among layers.
    • New API SetMainWindowGestureFlags and MSG_GESTURETEST message for gesture test and setting the gesture flags of a specific main window.
    • Tune implementation of Tooltip window.
    • Optimize the fallback compositor for lucent windows.
    • Use Pixman to optimize FillBox, BitBlt, and StretchBlt.
    • Optimize the management of BLOCKHEAP.
    • Optimize the __mg_lookfor_unused_slot.

Note that the binary backward-compatibility was broken, two operations added to CompositorOps. You should rebuild all MiniGUI applications.

Also note that the compositing schema is now enabled by default.

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